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From 18 to 21 July 2023, the 79th edition of intermoda was held at expo, Guadalajara, Mexico. Which featured a wide range of activities, talks, and conferences, in addition to being the cradle of business approach internationally.

Fashion Space, the opening runway was in charge of the designer Benito Santos, who presented his collection Cruise 2024, composed of 33 looks, where a series of oval prints were designed, in a range of shades of pink, red, violet, yellow, purple and white, with which, pays tribute to one of the representative fruits of the State: The pitaya, native of southern Jalisco. In addition, the collaboration of IM Mentoring was presented, in which the fashion designers participated:  Jacobo sin A, with its collection Marcatexto, Resort 2024; Paulina Luna, with Hiroshima SS2024; Prisma, with the collection AERIAL and Raúl Orozco, with HMN2.0.

For this second edition of the year, our numbers are as follows:

  • 400 million pesos in economic shedding according to data from the OFVC.
  • Business generation ranged from 9.5 million pesos per hour.
  • 46,500 square meters of exhibition.
  • 1,150 national exhibiting brands from 15 countries: EU, India, Colombia, Bangladesh, Brazil, and Turkey, among others.
  • 23,000 visitors during the 4 days.
  • 20 countries as buyers: EU, Guatemala, Colombia, China, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador, South Korea, among others.

On the last day of activities, Intermoda 79, Fashion Space received the designer Vero Díaz, with her collection "NOSSIS", a celebration of the art of seduction, where the power to transmit lies not in what is done, but in how it is done. In this collection, she proposed garments under her feminine, romantic, and elegant DNA from a different perspective, exploring new facets, reinterpreting and evolving the seal that characterizes her.

Meanwhile, the renowned Mexican luxury brand, ready to wear Abel López, was in charge of presenting the closing runway, with the Autumn-Winter 2023 collection, inspired by the assembly characteristics, perfectly aligned aircraft. The collection, includes seductive looks for a multifaceted and powerful woman, where blazers stand out wide shoulder pads and waist notches in neutral colors, pants of male cut in binomials and gradients, shirts buttoned linear cut, volatile dresses structured with asymmetrical ruffles, with a palette of colors ranging from blue Raf, ivories baked paint, carefree persimmons, black with depth and accents in color fire, is reflected in fabrics such as wool, silks, cotton, hemp, and lines in different frames and effects.

At IM TALKS, the panel "The Power of Storytelling to Create a Unique Brand in Fashion" was held, moderated by Zaira Marino, entrepreneur and director of Fashion Group International Mexico City, where panelists participated,  the designer tapatío Jaime Ibiza, who has co-branded with Looney Tunes, Disney, Peanuts and Wonder Woman, from DC Comics; Diva Lomas, founder of Mascooltora, is also a member of the association FASHION DESIGNER OF LATIN AMERICA (FDLA), and the creator of her namesake brand, Montserrat Messeguer, who belongs to the board of directors of Fashion Group International in its chapter of Mexico.

This edition of Intermoda, presented a commercial proposal that seeks to innovate and offer the best care to attendees, segmenting the lines into 12 pavilions: Lady, Knight, Accessories, Footwear, Supplier, Gala, Child, International, Trending (designers and collectives), Emprende IM (ventures with commercial lines), Chou Room (urban fashion) and Pavilion MX (Mexican manufacturers). In addition, two new areas that will expand the shopping experience, are: IM DENIM (national denim) and specialized services (proposals to complement the fashion business).

It is important to note that this edition of Intermoda, marks the direction of regeneration, to become the first sustainable exhibition in the meeting industry of Latin America.